27 september

"Nullpunkt" from Estonia – the winners of the Filmteractive Market

The winners got the 10.000PLN HBO price!

"Nullpunkt" is a transmedia storytelling project, involving several mediums and several activities, which give the audience the opportunity to immerse into the storyworld and be part of it. Audiences have multiple entry points to the story – the book, the film, casting for the film, the production blog with an alternative narrative, the alternate reality game, the book-crossing activities, theme song writing contest, TV series and many more. One can enter the storyworld starting from any entry point, with the story still being easy to understand and to follow.

To get more information about “Nullpunkt” visit: http://vimeo.com/66665588


20 september

Pitching Guidelines - Get prepared for Filmteractive Market!

As the big day approaches, we would like to present you The Pitching Last Aid Kit!

Filmteractive Market is coming. There are only a few days left until the 26th September, when the authors of the top 8 out of 35 submitted projects will pitch live in front of the Filmteractive audience.

But what actually is pitching? And how to prepare yourself for it? Here are the pitching guidelines!


1. Begin your pitch by introducing yourself and listing your qualifications, such as whether you’ve been optioned, sold, produced and/or if you've won or placed well in any competitions or contests. If you haven’t won a contest, or don't have any such credentials, just say you're a "new author." People, in general, can be very hopeful about things that are "new"!

2. Name the log line of your project. It is a brief summary of your project (one or two sentences) often providing both a synopsis of the plot or general idea, and an emotional "hook" to stimulate interest. Contrary to what some people might think, a logline is not a marketing slogan, but is actually a one sentence description of your project.

3. Name the title of your project.

4. Next, include a part that places your project in context by naming its genre and comparing it to a recent commercially successful projects that is similar to yours in its content and/or tone.

5. Now it's time to talk about your project. Here, keep things short and sweet by conveying the key elements of your project as clearly and as concisely as possible. Introduce the main idea, the functions, the technology you are using etc. Don’t forget about the visual elements of your presentation. Prepare a Power Point presentation, a set of photos or footage.

But don’t say everything, tease the audience, leave them wanting more! If they ask for more, answer their questions!

6. In the last part explain why you think your project will have market appeal. Why is your project different from other projects in its genre. Talk about your unique approach.

7. If you have got some time left talk about your inspiration. Tell them what got you interested. Good luck!

12 september

Meet the final eight qualified to Filmteractive Market!

The commissioners have selected few best out of 35 submitted projects.

35 projects from across Europe and Canada have submitted to Filmteractive Market.
It was a tough decision as all the projects are innovative, well-thought-out and intriguing. Over the last few days the commissioners were putting their heads together in order to get acquainted with strengths and weaknesses of each project.

Our experts were judging the projects according to the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation
  • Level of visual/technical excellence
  • Market applicability
  • Level of feasibility

And here are the results – the final eight:

AudioLink Technologies (Poland)
Deligic (Poland)
Flashback (Denmark)
Genius On Demand (Poland)
Interactive Audiobook (Poland)
MEMBRANE - a touch me cloth (Poland)
Nullpunkt (Estonia)
Syncself (England)

The authors of the top eight projects will pitch live in front of the Filmteractive audience on 26th Sept. 2013.
29 august

Adipat Virdi, transmedia guru, is coming to Filmteractive 2013.

Speaker and commissioner in the expert panel.

Adipat Virdi is a well-known transmedia producer with his most acknowledged project – Searching. Searching is a Sundance New Frontier Story Lab finalist that looked to raise awareness around honor-based crimes. Alongside this, he has set up Transmediology as a hub for designing experiences, engaging audiences and managing communities within brands and storyworlds.

At Filmteractive, he is going to give a speech on how we have moved from linear narrative to multiplatform content, and why it is important for industry today. As a case study he will be using his project Searching, to show how multiplatfom edutainment experiences can help eradicate Forced Marriages and Honor Crimes.

As a Sneak Peek we can recommend the article written by Adipat Virdi for The Huffington Post: Can Storytelling Stop Honor Crimes?
23 august

at Filmteractive Market 2013.

Meet our 8 experts from 6 different European countries.

There are only a few days left before our dedicated expert panel selects the best 8 projects to pitch live and compete for the HBO Award on the 26th Sep. 2013.

They are top media authorities specialising in different fields. Driven by their knowledge, experience and intuition, the experts are putting their heads together in order to decide which of the 35 submitted projects are ready to pitch live in front of the Filmteractive audience.

Let us introduce you to our experts and mentors:

Ilze Gailite-Holmberga
Director, National Film Centre of Latvia (Litwa)

Arne Sommer
Head of Filmworkshop Kiel, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Niemcy)

Justyna Troszczyńska
Content Acquisition Expert, Onet (Polska) 

Isa Ostertag
Transmedia Managing Editor, ZDF (Niemcy)

Andres Joesaar
Head of Media Research, Tallin University (Estonia)

Adipat Virdi
Multiplatform Media Producer, Transmediasphere (UK)

Arkadiusz Świerczewski
Investment Director, Warsaw Equity Fund (Poland)

Simon Staffans
Content Developer, Media City (Finland)

You can see all the experts here.
08 august


Over 35 projects from across Europe and Canada have submitted to Filmteractive Market.

Our dedicated expert panel will access all the projects and select the best 8 to pitch live and compete for HBO Award on the 26th Sep. 2013.

We have received over 35 projects from all around the globe: Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, UK, Serbia, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, and Canada. Among them are interactive videos, cross media projects, web documentaries, and second screen and interactive technological solutions. We can’t wait to share the best 8 with you at the beginning of September 2013. Our mentors and experts are the representatives of the following:

National Film Centre of Latvia, Latvia Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Onet, Poland ZDF, Germany Tallin University | Estonian National Public Broadcasting, Estonia Transmediasphere, UK Warsaw Equity Fund, Poland Keep following us on Facebook, LinkedIn and on our official website for the most recent updates. You can also check out Filmteractive Network.
20 june


for the best project of Filmteractive Market! Selected by an international jury of content buyers and audiovisual experts.
We are happy to announce that the projects selected to participate in Filmteractive Market on the 26th September 2013 will get the chance to compete for the HBO AWARD. HBO is an exclusive sponsor of the prize worth of 10.000 PLN!

In order to participate in Filmteractive Market, you need to submit your innovative audiovisual project by 31st July 2013 at project@filmteractive.eu. If your portfolio includes an interactive film, web series, crossmedia project or any other innovative A/V format, do let us know. Our international jury of content buyers and experts will select the best few projects that will get to pitch live at Filmteractive Market and compete for the HBO AWARD.
25 april

Filmteractive Network – online social network for creators and content buyers!

We have launched a dedicated social network for audiovisual creators and content buyers, looking for interesting digital projects.
Filmteractive Network – a virtual meeting place with amazing audiovisual projects.

As part of Filmteractive Market we have launched the first social network for digital & audiovisual artists as well as for those, who are interested in purchasing innovative projects and audiovisual formats.

Filmteractive Network enables the creators to present their projects online, and to network with other artists and professionals.

Do not hesitate and register with us now.
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