Szymon Karbowski is the president of R&D at TOYA, which is the fourth largest Cable Operator in Poland. His current responsibilities include tracking market trends, deploying solutions to meet market demands as well as continuing to develop triple play services and multiscreen solutions to the company’s portfolio.

He has worked for TOYA since 1999, helping with the deployment of broadband internet access services based on DOCSIS. During this time, he was involved in the deployment and development of the majority of services currently available to customers. He launched TOYA’s digital television services ‘from scratch’, bringing it to the market as one of the first digital cable operators in Poland. Over the last 2 years he has been focused on launching 3G TV, an innovative platform which combines OTT, VOD, Broadcast and Internet into one consistent and easy user interface. Currently his team is working on extensive developments concerning new features for 3G TV. These developments will help TOYA maintain its reputation as an innovator in the Pay TV market.
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