14 january

Watch the interviews with
Filmteractive 2013 speakers on YouTube.

What are the biggest challenges of multiplatform productions?
Listen to Adipat Virdi – multiplatform producer from UK.

Here you can find the interview with Adipat Virdi:

All the interviews are published on our YouTube profile:

  • Patrice Slupowski (Orange, France)
  • Isa Ostertag (ZDF, Germany)
  • Fran van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands)
  • Christa Sommerer (Digital Artist, Austria)
  • Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland)
  • Yifat Fouchs (Screenz, Israel)
  • Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere, UK)

Special thanks to The Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region - the producer of the footage and Sonia Fizek, Project Manager of 2013 edition, who has interviewed Filmteractive speakers.
13 grudzień

Film z ceremonii rozdania nagród w konkursie „RanyJulek” jest już dostępny online!

Poczuj jeszcze raz emocje towarzyszące Filmteractive Festival.

Obejrzyj nagranie z ceremonii rozdania nagród w konkursie organizowanym prze Million You na najlepszą filmową interpretację wiersza Juliana Tuwima „RanyJulek”.

Odwiedź nasz profil YouTube.
22 november

Learn more about The Kissinger Twins’ projects

Did you like “The Trip”? We strongly recommend you to watch other interactive videos by Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski.

The Kissinger Twins were one of the speakers during Filmteractive Festival 2013, where they presented their transmedia project “The Trip”. If you liked it, we advise you to visit their website: www.kissingertwins.com

You can watch there other interactive videos of this amazing multi-media duo:

  • "Forget me not"
    Interactive video clip; Composer: Andrzej Smolik. Vocal: Emmanuelle Seigner
  • "Summer camp"
    Transmedia storyteling project
  • "Sufferrosa"
    Interactive Web-Based movie
05 november

Filmteractive 2013 video report is already online!

Filmteractive 2013 video report is already online!
Our media partner ISTV has published a dedicated Filmteractive 2013 report.

Visit out YouTube profile: youtu.be/WL2ruu4M3kQ

Check out what do the Filmteractive speakers say about the event:
Olgierd Cygan (Digital One, Poland)
Simon Staffans (MediaCity, Finland)
Ȧsa Berquist Hȧȧl (Hyper Island, Sweden)
Alex Hryniewicz (Maverick TV, UK)
Frank van Oirschot (Ex Machina, Netherlands)
Kasia Kifert and Dawid Marcinkowski (The Kissinger Twins, UK)
30 september

Filmteractive Festival – the place to be for the innovative artists

Filmteractive Festival – the place to be for the innovative artists
The highlights of the Filmteractive Festival 2013

Filmteractive Festival was devoted to digital creators and artists, who presented their innovative film & crossmedia projects, as well as digital art cases. The Festival speakers were:

Dr Christa Sommerer (Austria), Professor at Kunstuniversität Linz, presented her interactive digital art projects and interactive interfaces, which she has been creating for over 20 years together with her partner Laurent Mignonneau.

The Kissinger Twins (UK | Poland), Dawid Marcinkowski and Kasia Kifert, the winners of this year’s Webby Awards best interactive video presented “The Trip” - a transmedia project inspired by an unusual story of a certain trip to the moon.

Adipat Virdi (Transmediasphere, UK), the well-known transmedia producer presented his most acknowledged project “Searching”. The project looked to raise awareness around honor-based crimes. He used it as a case study to show how multiplatform edutainment experiences can help eradicate Forced Marriages and Honor Crimes.

Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector, Rosja), has presented the best works of the Russian motion design artists.

20 april

The Webby Awards 2013 winners visit Filmteractive!

The winners of this year’s Webby Awards best interactive video will present The Trip at Filmteractive 2013.
The Trip is a transmedia project by Dawid Marcinkowski and Kasia Kifert, inspired by an unusual story of a certain trip to the moon.
Filmteractive Festival – the third module of Filmteractive 2013 – is devoted to the most innovative film & crossmedia projects as well as digital art. Among others, Łódź will welcome The Kissinger Twins, an amazing London-based Polish duo, the winners of this year’s Webby Awards in the best use of interactive video category.

The Trip is an amazing combination of interactive film, a short cinema film, a photography series, and a concept album created by Smolik. The story of The Trip focuses on Jack Torrance’s misterious flight to the moon.

Developed across multiple devices using the latest HTML5 technology, designed for iPad and desktop with an interactive mobile teaser, and released as CD and Vinyl album, The Trip is an ironic view on technology and media.

An exclusive showcase of The Trip will take place in Lodz (Poland) on the 26th September during Filmteractive 2013. The duo will give a short overview of how they work with interactive and transmedia projects. Dawid Marcinkowski is also the author of Sufferrosa, the first Polish interactive film.
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